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We claim the authority to dismiss, terminate, or handicap any assistance, with or without cause, at the discretion of the administrator. This is a completely autonomous facilitating; if you abuse our ticketing, live chat, or emotional support network by filing solicitations or protests, your record will be harmed. The only time you should contact us about seaward facilitating is if the worker has a problem. We don't have many substance restrictions, and everything follows the rules and regulations.

Try not to join if you intend to do anything that is against the rules; we will find out. Don't waste our time and yours by joining if you think you will be able to get away with breaking the rules.

Custom PHP/MySQL setups, firewalls for dedicated IPs, DNS, and httpd configurations are all available if you have a fully managed dedicated server with us.

Software requests - Cpanel Extension Installation will be authorized as long as they do not compromise the server's security, stability, or performance.

Emergency Support / Phone Help / LiveChat Support - We do not provide emergency support, phone support, or live chat support. It is possible that assistance will take several hours at times.

Webmaster assistance - We do not provide assistance for webmaster-related issues and difficulties, such as coding, installation, and error resolution. If there is a problem with a library or server configuration, we can assist you if it is possible from our end.

Backups - We keep backups, but we are not responsible for data loss; all backups are your responsibility.

We do not condone or endorse the use of child pornography or similar materials.

There are no spam-related websites or materials, such as email lists, bulk mail programs, scripts, or the like.

You may not use the server to run any exploitation scripts. reason can be turned off at any time.

If someone tries to hack or exploit the server using your script or hosting, your account will be terminated to protect other users.

Botnets that are malicious are strictly prohibited.

Spam, mass mailings, and email marketing in any form are prohibited.

Harmful hacking materials, trojans, viruses, and malicious bots are not allowed to run or be downloaded.

Abuse of resources and cronjobs is prohibited and will lead to suspension or termination.

Proxies for PHP/CGI are strictly prohibited.

The use of CGI-IRC is strictly prohibited.

There will be no fraudulent or throwaway mailers, mass mailings, mail bombers, SMS bombers, or other similar tactics.