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How much Will My Earnings?


Learn more about how we work. To begin mining, you must first complete the procedures listed below.


Create a User Account

Use the register option to create a user profile for yourself and get ready to mine.


Choose Plans

Fill your account and select plans at the best price.


Beginning mining

You're all set to mine now! Using MineCrypts, increase the mining power for all coins on the fly.


Receive Mining Results

Your designated wallet will send you mining output regularly. Now is the time to try out our MineCrypts mining platform!


Who We Are

MineCrypts is one of the most popular cryptocurrency mining platforms, with mining capacities to suit all budgets - from beginners to experts. Our goal is to make cryptocurrency acquisition simple and quick for everyone.


High-quality performance at a low price

Service available all across the world

Over 2000 consumers from over 100 countries are served.

Cryptocurrencies in many forms

We have a total of 10+ cryptocurrency coins that can be mined.


OUR SERVICES We aim to provide the best services to our miners. Joining us and benefit.

Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days

We are here to answer any of your inquiries and provide advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Connect Right Away

Our staff of professionals is available at all times and eager to assist you. If you have a problem, please send an email.

Withdrawal is easy

It takes only 24 hours for us to process your withdrawal. When it comes to transactions, we are open.

Statistics in Details

We compile complete information for your transaction and provide you with all mining logs.

Cloud Mining

We offer the greatest cloud mining service and deliver daily prizes to our miners.

Data Security

To minimize any dangers, we are continually working to improve our system and security level.

Are You Ready To Begin Mining?

Simply create an account on our website and begin mining.


Choose your strategy to boost your mining speed and earn more money!

S-6M Plan

$100 / 6 Month

  • Power 800 GH/s
  • Profitability 125%

M-6M Plan

$500 / 6 Month

  • Power 4000 GH/s
  • Profitability 125%

L-6M Plan

$1000 / 6 Month

  • Power 8000 GH/s
  • Profitability 125%

S-1Y Plan

$100 / 1 Year

  • Power 800 GH/s
  • Profitability 150%

M-1Y Plan

$500 / 1 Year

  • Power 4000 GH/s
  • Profitability 150%

L-1Y Plan

$1000 / 1 Year

  • Power 8000 GH/s
  • Profitability 150%

S-2Y Plan

$100 / 2 Year

  • Power 800 GH/s
  • Profitability 225%

M-2Y Plan

$500 / 2 Year

  • Power 4000 GH/s
  • Profitability 225%

L-2Y Plan

$1000 / 2 Year

  • Power 8000 GH/s
  • Profitability 225%


We're combining all of the important parts of running a successful bitcoin mining operation. We've got you covered from constructing a highly efficient data center to providing a reliable mining system for our users.


We have a multilingual function in your system because we do business in over 100 countries.

Simple Payment System

Our system accepts more than 20 different payment options. You will find it simple to finish your payment.

Mining Production daily

Your daily mining results will be automatically added to your account by our system. You can also take that money out of your account.


Private And Protected

We support cryptocurrencies that promote privacy, thus we attempt to collect as little data as possible and just ask for information.

A dashboard that is simple to use

All of your coin mining data and charts are available on our system dashboard.

Mining Technology that is Reliable

We provide some of the most powerful mining rigs accessible for each of the blockchain algorithms we've developed.

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